Control System Design

Graham C. Goodwin
Stefan F. Graebe
Mario E. Salgado

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Accelerate your learning of Control System Design with Virtual Laboratories.
These are interactive simulations of real world engineering and classic teaching scenarios matched with a problem based learning guide - all from Graham Goodwin and his design team. your pace on your own PC...

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Welcome to the web page for this new book in control theory!   Here, you will find:

  • Previews and summaries of all the chapters in the book, plus the complete chapters 1 & 2 for review purposes; and appendices.
  • Online interactive java simulations
  • Lecture Slides, developed around the contents of the book, and intended to support control educators in the development and delivery of course material.
  • A download page with MATLAB files for all illustrative examples, lecture slides and appendices.
  • The Control Systems Design Online Forum: we want and need your feedback, so use the forum to tell us what you think, make suggestions about the book, see what colleagues are saying, get new teaching ideas, and more.
  • Example problems and worked solutions.
  • NEW - Now a First Course in Automatic Control - in Spanish.

This web site is being continually updated with new material. Currently you may choose from the selection below:

Power Point Lecture Slides available for ALL chapters.

See the Slides page.


A First Course in Automatic Control - in Spanish

Includes transparencies based on the book - in Spanish. Go to the Slides page.


Example problems with worked solutions

Want to check your understanding? Learn best by doing things? Try some of these example problems. New problems are added continually so check this site for updates.


Virtual Laboratories

These are now available as as Virtual Laboratories for Control System Design (VL-CSD) see the web site at


Real-Life Case Studies

A wide range of case studies, spanning a number of industrial processes, have been drawn from the personal experiences of the authors. They have been carefully structured to expose the reader to many of the core issues in realistic control problems. All examples are tightly integrated with the text and have been carefully chosen to illustrate many key issues including nonlinearities, multivariable interaction, non-ideal sensor and actuators etc.


Online Book Information


 in English
 in Spanish
 in German



Download Page



Errata Page



Part 1 (Chapters 1-4)
Part 2 (Chapters 5-7)
Part 3 (Chapters 8-11)
Part 4 (Chapters 12-14)
Part 5 (Chapters 15-19)
Part 6 (Chapters 20-21)
Part 7 (Chapters 22-24)
Part 8 (Chapters 25-26)
Appendices (A-E)

Solutions to Problems in the Book

A full solution manual is available for all problems in the book. Instructors can receive a copy by contacting Prentice Hall


Lecture Slides For Instructors Using this Book

1. Instructional Slide Materials
2. Graham's Bode Lecture


Supplementary Technical Material

Additional resources of interest to managers and others requiring an awareness of control as well as control student and practioners. These resources are continually updated so keep checking this website.

Meet the Authors

Graham C. Goodwin
Stefan F. Graebe
Mario E. Salgado

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